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I was there...

I was a Christian "wife" who felt like a roomate. We were so disconnected I felt like a single woman, trapped, in a loveless marriage.

Let me guess... 

You're sitting in a marriage that feels empty. You're struggling to find what you and your husband once shared. Maybe you're telling yourself you want to stick it out for the kids, or you're stuck between the choice to stay or give up and divorce. You've tried to fix it but nothing has worked. You love your husband but hate your marriage right now. 

What keeps you here? The promise you made before God. You know he hates divorce and the kids are not quite old enough yet.

Mama, I‘ve been there. My story is your story. I want to help you heal your marriage while believing in the promise God gave you so that YOU can become the Grace Fueled Wife.

My story is your story

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I wish this existed when I was in your shoes

I was broken hearted and desperate to fix my marriage, But here was the problem... I had no resources. No tools to help me. I had my bible, but in a time before podcasts, and social media, I didn't know where to turn for additional Christ centered advice. In fact, my pastors told me that since he was an believer, it was okay to let him leave.

All the Christian resources I found made the assumption that my husband cared to save our marriage or that he was even a Christian. There was nothing for me - the "single" Christian Wife. 

THIS is why I created the Grace Fueled Wife.

I can help you stop fighting with your husband and communicate clearly so you can FINALLY feel loved, cherished and understood.

Are you tired of always being the one to give in, stay silent and pretend like nothing is wrong in your marriage just to avoid a fight? Maybe you try to communicate but just don't understand each other? Or maybe you're just tired of feeling like a roommate. 

If this is you and you are looking for advice from a Christ centered perspective and NOT just someone who will just tell you to leave him, you've come to the right place!

My name is

Today, I am more in love with him than I was when I said "I DO". I get butterflies in my stomach when I see him. He loves me deeply. Cares about my day to day, is an amazing father to our kids, and helps with the housework. I can truly say, he is my BEST friend. 

But... the road wasn't easy. God took me on a journey that I never would have believed. Now, God has called me to help other women. My pain had a purpose - that purpose was YOU!!

Today, I'm helping thousands of women do the same (hopefully before they come home to an empty apartment).

I'm a globally recognized Christian Marriage coach. international speaker, and host of Grace Fueled Wife podcast - a top 1.5% show! I'm certified in Prepare-Enrich, and am a Masters student of Marriage & Family Therapy.

With 15+ years of experience coaching families across the globe, I help Christian Wives overcome miscommunication to experience greater connection  and satisfaction in marriage by implementing the Grace Fueled Marriage Method.

10 years ago God redeemed my loveless, hopeless marriage to a man full of contempt and anger.

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Beatriz Vargas

How to communicate clearly

in marriage so you can stop fighting with your husband

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